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Re: Updating a private schema (cn=config)?

--On Wednesday, December 10, 2008 9:45 AM -0500 Andrzej Jan Taramina <andrzej@chaeron.com> wrote:

What about any entries that depend on the schema?  Will they be
affected...that is, do I need to delete them all and re-add them?  I
guess if I knew when a schema is actually used (eg. only at add/modify
times....or are there links to from the entries that are used at other
times?) it would help?

Thanks for the advice...

There's a whole host of issues around schema with cn=config that's not really addressed right now. What if a core schema element changes due to some RFC, and that's updated in a future OpenLDAP release. How do the cn=config based LDAP servers update that schema? etc.

What I do, after raising this issue with other of the OpenLDAP developers, is copy in the schema files shipped with the release (after stopping slapd). I do this for Zimbra's private schema (which changes regularly) as well.

As you wondered, this could be problematic if there are schema changes that are not compatible with your existing entries.



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