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Re: Unable do slapadd a LDIF dump from slapd 2.2.6 to slapd 2.4.9

On Wed, Dec 10, 2008 at 01:10:35PM +0100, Markus Wernig wrote:

> # slapadd -b "o=Company Name,c=CH" -l dump.from.2.2.6.ldif
> slapadd: dn="o=Company Name,c=CH" (line=1): (65) no structural object 
> class provided
> (same result if I skip the -b "o=Company Name,c=CH")

> The first entry in the LDIF dump is:
> dn: o=Company Name,c=CH
> objectClass: top
> entryUUID: ...
> creatorsName: cn=root,o=Company Name,c=CH
> modifiersName: cn=root,o=Company Name,c=CH
> createTimestamp: 20071214103903Z
> modifyTimestamp: 20071214103903Z
> entryCSN: 20071214103903Z#000001#00#000000

The problem is in the entry, but the error message you get is perhaps
less helpful than it might be. Ignoring the operational attributes,
you have this:

> dn: o=Company Name,c=CH
> objectClass: top

The problem is that 'top' only permits 'objectclass' attributes.
Nothing there permits (or defines) the 'o' attribute, but you must
have one because it is used in the DN.

This would work:

> dn: o=Company Name,c=CH
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: organization
> o: Company Name

How did you generate the LDIF file that you are importing? It seems to
be lacking some vital information.

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