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Re: dynlist-overlay and requesting an attribute

Wilhelm Meier wrote:

I have a problem with the dynlist overlay:

when I request all attributes of an object, the dynlist expansion is done:

kmux-ldap:~# ldapsearch -LLL -x '(uid=kmux.admin)'
dn: uid=kmux.admin,ou=Benutzer,dc=kmux,dc=de
objectClass: inetLocalMailRecipient
objectClass: sambaSamAccount
objectClass: shadowAccount
objectClass: posixAccount
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: kmuxAccount
labeledURI: ldap:///ou=Gruppen,dc=kmux,dc=de??one?
labeledURI: ldap:///ou=Gruppen,dc=kmux,dc=de??one?
member: cn=VPN,ou=Gruppen,dc=kmux,dc=de
member: cn=Drucker,ou=Gruppen,dc=kmux,dc=de
member: cn=Hauptbenutzer,ou=Gruppen,dc=kmux,dc=de
member: cn=CMS,ou=Gruppen,dc=kmux,dc=de
member: cn=ERP,ou=Gruppen,dc=kmux,dc=de
member: cn=cdrom,ou=Gruppen,dc=kmux,dc=de
member: cn=plugdev,ou=Gruppen,dc=kmux,dc=de
member: cn=audio,ou=Gruppen,dc=kmux,dc=de
member: cn=Administratoren,ou=Gruppen,dc=kmux,dc=de

(excuse for the line wrapping)
(some attributes are not shown)

If I request the attribute "member" I get an empty search result:

kmux-ldap:~# ldapsearch -LLL -x '(uid=kmux.admin)' member
dn: uid=kmux.admin,ou=Benutzer,dc=kmux,dc=de

Any hints?

What version? And what configuration/dynamic group entry? I recall some (recent and not-so-recent) fixes in 2.4 that might be related.


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