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syncrepl null_callback : error code 0x12

Hi All,

I'm migrating our ldap service from Sun One to OpenLDAP. In the
process I have stumbled upon this issue a couple times.
1. Initialize Master
2. Connect syncrepl slaves
3. Wait a week
4. Replication stops working with `null_callback : error code 0x12` in
slave logs and lots of ugly output in the master logs
5. Reinitialize master, GOTO 2

We started with slapd 2.4.7-6ubuntu3, then upgraded to
2.4.9-0ubuntu0.8.04.2 to see if it would help the issue, but it has
returned. I spoke with Howard at LISA'08, and he mentioned this may be
resolved in a newer release. Has anyone else seen an issue like this,
and is it worth my time to backport a newer version to Ubuntu Hardy
(our server platform of choice)?

Master Log: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/79362/
Slave Log: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/79348/
Ubuntu Bug Report:
[config bits attached there]