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Re: Another ACl question

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
Emmanuel Dreyfus writes:
For instance, if I want users that march &(a1=v1)(a2=v2)(a3=v3), I can
write this:

access to ... by set.exact="user/a1 + user/a2 + user/a3 & [v1v2v3]" write

"by" takes multiple expressions and "and"s them,

... but only of different type; in fact, the related structure allows exactly one instance of each type of "by".

so this should work:

access to ...  by set.exact="user/a1 & [v1]" set.exact="user/a2 & [v2]"
                  set.exact="user/a3 & [v3]" read

Note - one "by", not three.


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