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Re: A better way for getting an ITS fix

--On Thursday, November 20, 2008 2:31 PM -0800 Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> wrote:

Maykel Moya wrote:
Just bitten by ITS#5794. As you could imagine I need to patch my server
ASAP. That's what I did:

1. In the ITS page I see a message from hyc ack'ing the bug fix.
2. Have to dig openldap-commit message by message trying to hit days
near hyc'message date
3. Got
saying passwd.c went from 1.141 to 1.142
saying passwd.c went from 1.142 to 1.143
4. Go to CVS web ui and request unidiff for passwd.c from 1.141 to

Questions: - Is there a way to have information that links 1 and 2 so I don't have to dig openldap-commit archive?

At one time I suggested that commit messages with ITS#s in their logs should be automatically forwarded to the ITS, but others felt this would generate too much noise in the ITS. Personally I believe it would be better to have bug reports and their corresponding fixes tightly linked, but no one else seems to feel strongly about it. So for now, searching the commit archive is the only choice.

This is what we do at Zimbra, and it is extremely helpful. I keep hoping this will be added when we get rid of the current ITS system and upgrade to something else. Since we don't allow people to be CC'd in the current system anyway, most people wouldn't get much noise from it unless they were subscribed to the bugs list, and you get a lot of messages then anyway.



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