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Rewriting entry dns

We have a Sun Directory 5.x whose DIT has entry dn's in the format


with "region" being the name of each of 4 continents (north america,
south america, asia, europe).

What I'd like to do is use the OpenLDAP meta backend to rewrite those
dns so that searches against the OpenLDAP server return these dns in the


The OpenLDAP server was built with --enable-overlays, as well as
--enable-meta and --enable-ldap, in addition to the defaults.

I've looked over the doc for slapd-meta, slapd-ldap, slapo-rwm and
slapo-glue, as well as the configs in the distribution test scripts,
without coming up with a working slapd.conf to accomplish this.

Questions: (1) is this possible with any released version of OpenLDAP?;
(2) If so, does anyone have a working example of a config that they
could post here?

As always, many thanks.
Philip Lembo