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Re: syncprov-sessionlog

Gavin Henry wrote:
Hi All,

I'm just writing up the small overlay section on slapo-syncprov (not much to it), but the man page has confused me:

               Specify a session log  for  recording  information  about  write
               operations made on the database.  The<ops>  specifies the number
               of operations that are recorded in the log. All write operations
               (except  Adds)  are recorded in the log.  When using the session
               log, it is helpful to set an eq index on the entryUUID attribute
               in the underlying database.

"All write operations (except  Adds) are recorded in the log."

What log are we talking about here?

Come on Gavin, read the docs you already wrote.

http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/replication.html Syncrepl Details

The syncrepl engine utilizes both the present phase and the delete phase of the refresh synchronization. It is possible to configure a per-scope session log in the provider server which stores the entryUUIDs of a finite number of entries deleted from a replication content. Multiple replicas of single provider content share the same per-scope session log. The syncrepl engine uses the delete phase if the session log is present and the state of the consumer server is recent enough that no session log entries are truncated after the last synchronization of the client. The syncrepl engine uses the present phase if no session log is configured for the replication content or if the consumer replica is too outdated to be covered by the session log. The current design of the session log store is memory based, so the information contained in the session log is not persistent over multiple provider invocations.

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