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Re: delta-syncrepl problems with 2.4.12

--On Tuesday, November 11, 2008 4:35 PM -0500 John Morrissey <jwm@horde.net> wrote:

Instead of slapcat(8)/slapadd(8)ding the old databases, we're removing the
existing databases and allowing slapd(8) to delta-syncrepl a copy from
scratch. Ironing out this use case is especially important for us since we
expect to be adding a number of consumers in the coming months and would
obviously prefer to bring them online without having to shut down any
other slapd instances for slapcat(8)ting.

Why would you have to shut down a server to slapcat it? Hot slapcatting has been supported for a long time.

At this point, slurpd seems to start processing the accesslog.

There is no slurpd in OpenLDAP 2.4. I think you mean syncrepl?

It's interesting that two consumers have successfully delta-syncrepl'd
complete databases from scratch without experiencing this problem. At
least four other consumer machines fail in this manner. There seems to be
no rhyme or reason as to which machines succeed or fail; they're all
running the same binaries, same OS release and patches, some are even on
the same Ethernet segment as the provider. The provider slapd has been up
consistently (without crash nor restart) during at least two attempts.

What patches?

Newer patches for 2.4.13 of interest may be:

       Fixed slapd syncrepl event loss (ITS#5710)
       Fixed slapd syncrepl MOD of attrs with no EQ rule (ITS#5781)
       Fixed slapd syncrepl schema checking (ITS#5798)

On the provider side:

       Fixed slapo-syncprov runqueue removal (ITS#5776)
       Fixed slapo-syncprov unreplicatable ops (ITS#5709)



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