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Support for "codice fiscale" syntax

I've developed a module that implements support for the syntax of
"codice fiscale", the personal identification code used by the Italian
government to uniquely identify citizen.  I think it might be of general
use, although possibly limited to Italian users, so I'd like to give it
a somewhat official and unbiased OID, rather than one under my arc or
SysNet's.  Would it qualify as general enough for OpenLDAP's OID arc, at
least while experimental?  I believe the need for a dedicated syntax (as
opposed to IA5string, printableString or so) is that its definition,
although flawed, needs to conform to quite a few restrictions, and a
syntax that allows to detect trivial errors and single out impossible
values would be definitely helpful.  I need the OID in order to submit
code along with an ITS for contrib.  An OID arc would be best, because
the kit consists in:

- a syntax
- an equality matching rule (cfMatch)
- an attribute spec (cf)
- an auxiliary objectClass spec (cfObject)

Please comment.


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