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Re: openLDAP paged response problem

Dieter Kluenter wrote:

"Navaneetha Subramanian" <Navaneetha.Subramanian@citrix.com> writes:


Iâm using OpenLDAP backend with .NET 2.0 System.DirectoryServices.Protocols API in my
application. Iâm trying to issue PagedResult control as part of my request to get
results in multiple pages that code can navigate. This would use rfc2696 which is
already supported in OpenLDAP. But when I run my code it comes back with exception
that â'critical control unavailable in contextâ.

Iâve attached the capture from OpenLDAP server

try ldapsearch -Epr=10 -x -H ldap://<host> -b <searchbase> <filter> <attributes>

-E calls extended operations pr is paged result 10 the number of
returned entries.

Actually, you should use -E '!pr=10'; the '!' means "critical". This would reproduce the exact condition that triggered the error you noticed.


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