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Re: n-way replication question


Dieter Kluenter wrote:

What is your configuration on all servers?  In detail, what's the
value of the serverID statements, of the syncrepl statements and
what's the URI you're running them with?

Solved it, silly me! The initial slapd.conf should only contain one serverID statement without any additional address, only after starting all peers the serverID has to be modified to include all participating peers.

seems that I had exactly the same problem when setting up multimaster-repl. By trial and error I solved it by only defining one serverID on each host:

# master1
serverID 1

# master2
serverID 2

With this setting multimaster-repl seems to work correctly.

As I don't understand exactly how this statement affects multimaster-replication my question is, whether it is ok to do so or do I *need* to define all serverID as

serverID NUM URL

on all participating master.