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Open LDAP 2.3.38 core dump when trying to add netgroup

I am trying to create a minimal LDAP installation to test using LDAP
for netgroups.

My slapd.conf contains

include         /usr/local/openldap/etc/openldap/schema/core.schema
include         /usr/local/openldap/etc/openldap/schema/cosine.schema
include         /usr/local/openldap/etc/openldap/schema/inetorgperson.schema
include         /usr/local/openldap/etc/openldap/schema/nis.schema
include         /usr/local/openldap/etc/openldap/schema/misc.schema
pidfile         /usr/local/openldap/var/run/slapd.pid
argsfile        /usr/local/openldap/var/run/slapd.args
database        bdb
suffix          "dc=nortel,dc=com"
rootdn          "cn=Manager,dc=nortel,dc=com"
rootpw          {SSHA}VszWHdlMt+txouAiBDwn0uKRII8OKzKc
directory       /usr/local/openldap/var/openldap-data
index   cn,sn           pres,eq,approx,sub
index   objectClass     eq

I can add the following data without trouble

dn: dc=nortel,dc=com
objectClass: dcObject
objectClass: organization
dc: nortel
o: Nortel
description: Nortel Inc.

dn: cn=Manager,dc=nortel,dc=com
objectClass: organizationalRole
cn: Manager
description: Directory Manager

dn: ou=Netgroup,dc=nortel,dc=com
ou: Netgroup
objectClass: top
objectClass: organizationalUnit

dn: nisMapName=netgroup.byuser,dc=nortel,dc=com
nismapname: netgroup.byuser
objectClass: top
objectClass: nisMap

dn: nisMapName=netgroup.byhost,dc=nortel,dc=com
nismapname: netgroup.byhost
objectClass: top
objectClass: nisMap

However, when I try to add

dn: cn=sample,ou=netgroup,dc=nortel,dc=com
objectclass: nisNetGroup
objectclass: top
cn: sample
nisNetgroupTriple: (zrtps0q8,,)
nisNetgroupTriple: (zrtps0q8.us.nortel.com,,)

slapd dies and leaves a core dump

I built slapd with debugging and when I bring it up in the
debugger. It tells me

t@5 (l@1) terminated by signal BUS (invalid address alignment)
0xffffffff7efd2f3c: __lock_get_internal+0x08ac: ldx     [%l1 + 0x18], %l0
Current function is bdb_id2entry

The source code line is 125 in id2entry.c

	rc = cursor->c_get( cursor, &key, &data, DB_SET );

I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I tried to strip things down
to the bare essentials.

I suspect I haven't created the LDAP database properly but I am unable
to determine what step or data I am missing.

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