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Re: slapadd newbie

Hello, Elcin.

> Hi i am suffering from slow slapadd for a 100,000 subscriber.  It is
> 27 minutes.  this is not what i am expecting.

We wouldn't normally expect slapadd for 100k entries to take that long
either.  Your case is a little different though; see below.

> My test environment and the openLDAP release i have installed
> symas-openldap-silver- to a System Configuration:
> Sun Microsystems  sun4v SPARC Enterprise T5220
> Memory size: 32640 Megabytes

That sounds good so far.

> Is it rational that slapadd took 26 minutes for 100,000 entries
> (23Kbyte per subscriber i guess) without index.?

The difference you are seeing is from the 23kB per object; most
directories consist of objects in the 2kB to 4kB range.

If you look at your databases (the *.bdb files) using db_stat -d (be
sure to use /opt/symas/db_stat), you can see the page sizes
configured.  OpenLDAP currently is hardcoded to use 16kB pages for
id2entry, where all of the entry data is stored.  Since your entries
are larger, db_stat -d should show a signficant number of overflow
pages.  BDB is much slower when your dataset is using large numbers of
overflow pages.

> I think it is so slow.isn't it?

What you are seeing is very slow, but expected given the tuning and
your data-set.

There are several possible work-arounds that could greatly improve the
performance you see.  If you'd like to contact support@symas.com we
can work with you more closely.

Matthew Backes
Symas Corporation