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Re: increase sizelimit on subtree

Quanah Gibson-Mount writes:
>> Is it possible to give a subtree of a database higher sizelimits (hard,
>> unchecked) than the rest of the database?  I thought I'd managed it by
>> putting the subtree in a subordinate database, but now that gets the
>> same limit anyway, even when I search with the subtree DN as baseDN.
> Sounds like an RFE to me.

I take it that means "no":-)  OK, coming up...

In the mean time I guess we can give the subtree baseDN a public
password and use this:

  access to dn.subtree=<baseDN>    by * read
  access to * by dn.exact=<baseDN> by * none break
  limits dn.exact=<baseDN> size.hard=unlimited size.unchecked=unlimited

I don't really see anything wrong with that (at least with our ACLs),
but it does make me uncomfortable.