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Re: ldapdelete struggle

LÉVAI Dániel wrote:

$ ldapdelete -ZZWx -vf ldap_delete.ldif
ldap_initialize( <DEFAULT> )
Enter LDAP Password:
deleting entry "dn:: Y249w5x6ZW1lbHRldMO1IEJyaWfDoWQsY249ZGFuaWVsbCxjbj1hZGRyZXNzYm9va3MsZGM9ZWNlbnRydW0sZGM9aHU="
ldap_delete: Invalid DN syntax (34)
additional info: invalid DN

I think I'm missing something? What could be wrong?

According to the ldapdelete(1) man page, ldapdelete takes the DN to be deleted as an argument. So you cannot put a "dn:" prefix, and thus not even a "dn::" prefix. You need to use ldapmodify(1), which takes LDIF as input (RFC 2849). In that case, your file needs to contain

dn:: Y249w5x6ZW1lbHRldMO1IEJyaWfDoWQsY249ZGFuaWV
changetype: delete


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