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Re: openldap 2.4.11 and test018

Francis Swasey wrote:
I have been driving myself nuts today.  I'm attempting to move to using
DB 4.6.21 (plus the three patches) and have discovered (probably
re-discovered) that building the backends as modules and then attempting
to run "make tests" causes test018 to fail because bdb-mod can't resolve

I can't find anything documented concerning this (README, INSTALL
documents, FAQ, google search). But if I remove "--enable-modules" from
the configure options, test018 runs just fine.

Am I really this unique or have I missed some prominent statement that
backend modules can not be tested?

No, this comes up from time to time and we've just never bothered to document it besides mentioning it on the -devel list.

It's not a problem with the bdb module, but with the back-ldap module. The solution is to make sure slapd is linked against the shared libldap; by default it's linked statically.

One could argue that this is a bug in the slapd Makefile; at some point in the past everything worked fine and then after a couple updates to libtool etc. the problem started cropping up. It hasn't been a big enough problem to warrant deeper investigation.

If it matters, I'm compiling on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release
5.2 (Tikanga).

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