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Re: dn cache size exceeds the limits

--On Thursday, October 02, 2008 11:07 AM +0300 Pavlos Parissis <p_pavlos@freemail.gr> wrote:


During performance testing with SLAMD we noticed the dncache exceeds the
limit. As a result the system starts to swap a lot and the responses of
slapd are very slow.

Has anyone seen that behavior before?

Here are the facts:

monitoring      on
tool-threads    4
cachesize       450000
dncachesize     450000
idlcachesize    450000
cachefree       90000

# ldapsearch -x -D "cn=xxxx" -w xx -b 'cn=database
# 2,cn=databases,cn=monitor' -s sub '(objectclass=*)' '*' '+' | grep -i
# Cache

olmBDBEntryCache: 398306
olmBDBDNCache: 482001 <<==========
olmBDBIDLCache: 449999

Sounds like a bug to me, have you filed an ITS?



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