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Re: Securing cn=config

Gavin Henry wrote:
And this where is got interesting:
1. Access via ldap on the user DIT and on cn=monitor where both inhibited and connections (rightly) refused whereas in both cases access via ldaps was accepted.
2. I could bind anonymously to rootDSE and cn=subschema which I wanted
3. cn=config would accept either a ldap (389) or an ldaps (636) connection. Apparently by-passing the security simple_bind=128 check.

How did you bind?
binds cn=monitor (rootdn), user DIT (normal user) and cn=config (rootdn) were simple authenticated binds. bind to roodsecn=subschema was anonymous

a. Is this expected?
b. is there a better way to do it?
c. Am I (more than likely) missing something? (on searching the archives I saw a note from Quannah suggesting that he was using some sort of SASL service to inhibit access).
Many thanks in advance for any help on this matter.

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