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Re: Configure Syncrepl with subordinate db

Petter Solgaard a écrit :

I'm trying to set up at new ldap-cluster (openldap 2.4.9 on Ubuntu 8.04). I have splitt the DIT into two dbs, where I have a ou=system under the base that is a subordinate db to the top db. Both dbs is on the same server. What I am wondering is where I should insert the replication information. ....

Could someone confirm that the replication information should be under the top db on the provider and under both dbs on the consumer?

I'm far from beeing a specialist but this is what is stated in the man page: By default, the glue overlay is automatically configured as the last overlay on the superior backend.

Its position on the backend can be explicitly configured by setting an overlay glue directive at the desired position. This explicit configuration is necessary e.g. when using the syncprov overlay, which needs to follow glue in order to work over all of the glued databases. E.g. database bdb suffix dc=example,dc=com ... overlay glue overlay syncprov

So I think you should enable the syncprov overlay on the top db, and add the explicit call to the glue overlay _before_ the syncprov one.

My 2 cents.