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Invalid syntax :protocol information: no validator for syntax

I am trying to add the  value to the attribute "protocol information" which is required in our schema but I am getting the error
Invalid syntax :protocol information: no validator for syntax
from the earlier mailing list I have found The problem seems to be lack of validations in the schema_init.c source code for attribure 'Protocol Information'
 {"( DESC 'Protocol Information' )",
isn't it that including values like  dnPretty ,UTF8StringValidate..etc in the code instead of NULL values may resolve the problem
this attribute protocolInformation is defined  in core.schema
I personally feel that for those attributes where validation are NULL in schema_init.c , the openLDAP should not force the validation and give this error message as all these
attributes in which validation are not defined becomes unusable .
So any idea how to resolve this ? there is any way to modify any of the config file in openldap to disable this validation  for protocol information ?
do I have to raise bug request for the same and is this going to be fixed in next openLDAP release.
Any help and suggestions in this direction is highly appreciated. as I am porting the schema from Sun directory server and  &  I have to use this protocol informatoin
attribute so as our LDAP application which is utilized by thousands of people  can be migrated to OpenLDAP.
I am not getting these kind of error in Tivoli/Sun and Microsoft Active directory for editing of this attribute .
thanks and regards