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Re: Two samba related openldap overlays

Joel Reed wrote:
Two openldap overlays that may be of interest to others.

In the first, I've hacked up Howard Chu's smbk5pwd openldap overlay to
include the automatic addition of sambaNTPassword, sambaLMPassword, and
sambaPwdLastSet attributes to any sambaSamAccount entries that are being
ADDED to the directory.

When you modify existing code, you should just post the diffs to the original. This is for at least two reasons:
1) diffs are usually more compact
2) usually the license on the original software requires you to explicitly mark your modifications

As the author of smbk5pwd I think both of those reasons are important.

If you want the OpenLDAP Project to consider incorporating your code into future distributions, you should adhere to the Contributing guidelines.


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