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Re: 2-way Multimaster replication (including configuration) and TLS certificate

On Tue, 9 Sep 2008, Mathieu MILLET wrote:
> But after the "first replication", the cn=config of the 2nd now contains
> the TLSCertificateFile and TLSCertificateKeyFile of the 1st server, which
> is point less. The 2nd server can't now start, because it can't find its
> certificate (and key), which is normal ...
> Is it possible to specify "multiple" certificates in the cn=config file ?

Not that I know of, but it's easy enough to use a common path for each 
option (say /etc/openldap/server.crt and /etc/openldap/server.key) and 
then make those symlinks to the correct files for the local server.

Philip Guenther