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Re: Problem with 2.4.11 configure

--On Monday, September 08, 2008 3:43 PM -0400 Philip Bellino <pbellino@mrv.com> wrote:


When I tried to configure OpenLDAP-2.4.11, I received the following error
from "configure âwith-tls âenable-ipv6""

Checking Berkeley DB version for BDB/HDB backendsâ no

Configure error: BDB/HDB: BerkeleyDB version incompatible

When I used OpenLDAP-2.3.39 and ran configure with the same options, it
finds the backends and all is well.

I have attached both "config.log" files.

<<config.2.4.11.log.log>> <<config.2-3.39.log.log>>

That's because OpenLDAP deliberately ignores BDB 4.3, which is what you are using:


You must be building a hacked version of OpenLDAP 2.3.39 if it's accepting 4.3...



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