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Re: Problem with tls connections

On Fri, 5 Sep 2008, Norman Gies wrote:
> i have a problem with tls connections to my openldap server.
> The openldap server is running on debian. I created all certificates 
> with openssl. If I use ldapsearch on the server (SASL//EXTERNAL mech/) 
> everything works fine, but if i try to connect with jxplorer, 
> ldapbrowser (softera), eclipse (apache directoy), or with the examples 
> from jldap, i always got the same error: 
> javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Remote host closed connection 
> during handshake

I'm guessing this is the usual LDAP-with-StartTLS-on-port-389 vs 
LDAP-with-SSL-on-connect-on-port-636 confusion.

Does jxplorer support the LDAP StartTLS operation, or does it only support 
negotiating TLS/SSL at connect time?  If both, are you sure you're 
configuring it to use the right one?  The slapd log you quoted shows a 
connection on port 389, the normal LDAP port.  If a client tries to 
negotiate SSL at connection-time on that port, the LDAP server will hang 
up on it, as the SSL handshake packets don't look like LDAP requests.

If the client only supports SSL-on-connect, then you need to have it 
connect on port 636 (and you have to tell slapd to serve ldaps there too).

Philip Guenther