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schema replication 2.4

Hello List

I already searched the archives but did not find a clue.

I am using slapd 2.4.9 on Ubuntu Hardy. I set up two servers, one
master, one slave. On the master, i have cn=config with samba schema

On the slave, i do a full clean install via:

rm -rf slapd.d/*
slaptest -f slapd.conf.old -F slapd.d
chown openldap:openldap slapd.d -R

This gives me an empty database and standard cn=config with nothing but
standard build-in schema. (core, cosine, nis, inetorgperson)

Going further, i insert the syncrepl statement on the slave

ldapadd -W -x -D "cn=admin,cn=config" -f init_slave_db.ldif

dn: olcDatabase={1}hdb,cn=config
changetype: modify
add: olcSyncRepl
olcsyncrepl: {0}rid=001 provider=ldap://masterLDAP
binddn="cn=replication,dc=tree" bindmethod=simple credentials=<PW>
searchbase="dc=tree" type=refreshAndPersist interval=00:00:00:10
add: olcUpdateRef
olcUpdateRef: ldap://masterLDAP

Now, my whole LDAP dc=tree is aviable on the slave. If i now insert
syncrepl for cn=schema,cn=config

ldapadd -W -x -D "cn=admin,cn=config" -f init_slave_config.ldif

dn: olcDatabase={0}config,cn=config
changetype: modify
add: olcSyncrepl
olcSyncrepl: rid=002 provider=ldap://masterLDAP
binddn="cn=admin,cn=config" bindmethod=simple credentials=<PW>
searchbase="cn=schema,cn=config" type=refreshOnly interval=00:00:00:10

When i now want to change the slave daemon loglevel by entering
olcLoglevel, i get an error 53: no update referral

summing up, when i insert schema replication, i can not change anythin
in cn=config on my slave - not only in cn=schema,cn=config.

Is that default behavior or do i miss something?

Any hints appreciated.