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Re: slapadd bulk load performance issue

2008/8/29 Skulj Blaz <b.skulj@iskratel.si>

I'm testing performance in importing big LDIF file with 2 milions of entries (22.000.000 number of attributes). LDIF file is 600 MB big, one entry looks like this:


In my case, it takes about 20!!! hours to load the entire LDIF contents. Is this normal? Did anybody has experiences with loading of such amount of data?

Am i perhaps having wrong settings in config file? Can you please someone tell me, how much time is normaly needed for slapadd?

Unless I'm mistaken you've only set aside ~20m for the bdb cache. Adding another zero might speed things up.
After some tips here, I recently slapadded a directory of about 4 million entries (LDIF of 2.9GB) in much less than that, using -q. Didn't time or monitor it closely, but less than a working day for sure.