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Re: openldap+TLS 'works', but slapd.log reports "err=13 text=TLS confidentiality required" @ slapd start

--On Friday, August 22, 2008 1:11 PM -0700 "Ben Wailea, openldap-software" <bwailea+10@gmail.com> wrote:

which, iiuc, simply launches slapd.  so, per your comment,
*specifically* which 'client' is failing to use the StartTLS?

The ones in the log you posted:

	Aug 22 11:02:47 ldap slapd[31441]: slapd starting
	Aug 22 11:02:48 ldap slapd[31441]: conn=0 fd=12 ACCEPT from
IP= (IP=

It's up to you to figure out what client is doing that, we can't magically read your system's mind.

And I'll note your response is unlikely to generate further help from people on the list. Philip's reply was not sarcastic, it was honest. You said you require TLS, and now clients that you have configured to query the server are failing. It's your responsibility to track down which ones those are.



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