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Re: slapd hangs

Howard Chu wrote:

Curt Blank wrote:

Version 2.2.28

Periodically the slapd daemon hangs. I did a gstack (attached) which
doesn't contain a lot of information but the one thing that stands out
is at the top it says "Thread 18" and I have threads set to 16, is it
somehow trying to create more then it is suppose to thus causing a problem?

No. There will always be one or two extra threads for other purposes, in addition to the number of worker threads that you configured.

Version 2.2.28 is ancient. Now that 2.4.11 has been promoted to Stable we will stop releasing patches for 2.3.x; you're 2 generations out of date...

Thanks. I had another server hang today doing what looks like creating a new thread, this was Thread 13 with threads set to 16.

I know I know, but if it's working... And does all that one needs, well... But I am addressing becoming current. What's the best way to determine what all I have to change going from 2.2.28 to 2.4.x?

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