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Re: Multimaster SASL/EXTERNAL (TLS client cert) error


On Mon, 18 Aug 2008, GÃmes GÃza wrote:
> However a simple ldapwhoami or ldapsearch works. The ldaprc used is:
> BASE     dc=kzsdabas,dc=hu
> URI        ldaps://first-ldap-server ldaps://second-ldap-server
> Just to be sure now I've tried to change the providers to ldap://...,
> but without luck. Now it just reports in the logs:
> slap_client_connect: URI=ldaps://first-or-second-ldap-server
> ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s failed (-6)

You changed them from "ldaps://" to "ldap://"; in the ldap.conf, but the 
log still shows it using "ldaps://" ?  So you're tracking down where it 
actually gets the URI list from, right?

Philip Guenther