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Re: translucent overlay and binding

Dnia czwartek, 14 sierpnia 2008, Howard Chu napisał:
> Gavin Henry wrote:
> > Mateusz Kijowski wrote:
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >>
> >> I am trying to create an OpenLDAP instance for our programming team's
> >> test environment. They want to have all data coherent with our
> >> production systems except for some of the passwords, so I figured I need
> >> to use the translucent overlay and override some userPassword
> >> attributes. I managed to do so, and I can tell that the local value of
> >> password attribute is being compared, not the one from the remote
> >> (production) server.
> >>
> >> The probem is when users want to bind to the test server - their
> >> requests are being proxied to the production server. I would like them
> >> to bind using the overriden (local) credentials. Is it possible?
> >
> > Can we see your config?
> The current code doesn't do any special merging for Bind operations, it
> always passes them straight to the remote server. I suppose it might be
> useful to add that, probably should file an enhancement request.

Thanks for the reply, submitted as ITS#5656


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