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Multi Master doesn't replicate everything

I have gotten two boxes setup in multi master and was loading up my test
data when I noticed everything isn't being replicated.

In particular the entire ou=idmap tree is being sent, but not recorded.
When I put slapd into debug I can see the system receiving the entire
tree, but it doesn't seem to be trying to insert it into the database.  

After it pulls the data over I get an error

do_syncrep2: rid=001 CSN too old, ignoring

Which is telling me the entry is being flagged as older than it should
be for getting transferred over.  Slapd is doing the efficient thing and
skipping entries that /should/ be on the other system already.  My
problem is that it isn't on the other system.

I realize that the replication work is done off of the UUID and CSN, but
about 30% of my replication test came back with the CSN too old message.
I am just sort of wondering, is there a way to have openldap say, "Hey,
I realize this CSN is old and everything, but this is a dn on the one of
us that isn't on the other."  Is there something I can do to bulk update
the CSNs (fully expecting downtime and horrid performance as loads of
needless replications happen)?  From my perspective, I would rather have
rather horrid performance and a trustworthy mirror than it run like a
dream and not have my trust.

OpenLDAP 2.4.11