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Re: incomplete slapcat output


> You could request the operational attrs too, that way you'd keep it:

How? Ah, I add "+" to the ldapsearch.  Nice.

> You need to make sure and run db_recover after any power outage, before
> starting slapd.  But since (as you noted already) checkpoint does not work
> correctly in OpenLDAP 2.2, this is of limited benefit.  What you really need
> to do is invest the time to move to either OpenLDAP 2.3 or OpenLDAP 2.4,
> both of which have auto-recover.

The problem is that the unexpected power outage is often short lived,
and the supplied sles init script seems to make a bad job of
recovering when the system boots again before I get to it.  That said
it does have this logic

        if [ "$(echo "$OPENLDAP_RUN_DB_RECOVER" | tr 'A-Z' 'a-z')" ==
"yes" ]; then
            # only run db_recover if slapd isn't running
            checkproc -p /var/run/slapd/slapd.pid $SLAPD_BIN
            if [ ${CHECKPROC_RC} -ne 0 ]; then

where (aghhhh!) OPENLDAP_RUN_DB_RECOVER is set to no by default in
/etc/sysconfig/openldap - I guess I should change it!

I had read in a FAQ/tips page somewhere that a cron entry running
db_checkpoint was worthwhile/advisable for 2.2.x?

As to the move to 2.3/2.4 - that's change management and I'm working
on it.  However our requirement is to be running the same stuff as our
main customers, and their current platform is sles9+sp2.  They move
forward, we will move forward too - such restrictions are in my
experience quite common.