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Re: incomplete slapcat output

--On Thursday, August 07, 2008 11:27 PM +0200 Kevin Maguire <k.c.f.maguire@gmail.com> wrote:

# db_recover
db_recover: Log sequence error: page LSN 1 520; previous LSN 1 98700
db_recover: Recovery function for LSN 1 452 failed on forward pass

Maybe I'm using the too wrong? I note that after I run the erring
db_recover the __db.00X files are gone.

Nope, you are using it correctly. The __db.* files being gone is correct. Looks like you're pretty much SOL. I'd be fairly certain the SuSE Linux BDB doesn't have all the required patches, either. I would seriously advise building your own BDB and OpenLDAP release on that server.



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