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Re: Building with MSYS/MinGW

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
I'm building OpenLDAP with MSYS/MinGW. Tests fail because apparently slapd
is unable to handle full path files. For example, "directory
/home/masarati/ldap-devel/tests/testrun/db.1.a" does not work, but if I rename
it to "directory ./testrun/db.1.a" it works fine. I don't have version info
handy right now, I just wanted a quick feedback: is this a known issue, or did
I forget anything while installing MSYS/MinGW, or am I missing something
trivial? I can look at this later, if any additional info is needed.

Absolute pathnames for MinGW binaries must use Windows syntax, e.g. C:/foo/bar. (Since they are, after all, plain Win32 apps.) Only the MSYS shell (and apps explicitly built as MSYS utilities) can interpret Unix-style absolute paths.

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