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In the interest of simplifying my life I was going to convert one of my
crazy ACLs to a regex (and a rather trivial one at that), but I am
finding a bit of an issue...  seems I have misread the doc and am not
sure where...

I was aiming for something along the lines of: anything that has an
attribute name of IWU with something else attached afterward would be
captured (in practice my perl says I want /^IWU.*/ but for now the
simple and later the hard as first character on the line matching can be
added later once syntax errors go away)

Thus I wrote:

access to dn.sub="dc=testldap,dc=iwu,dc=edu" attrs.regex="IWU.*"
    by self read
    by * none

However, I get a happy syntax error on this line.  That is fair as on a
closer reading of the syntax I have come to the conclusion that
attrs.regex is nonsense and that the regex entry near the attrs list
relates to values.  

Am I right?  Is there no way to do attrs regex matching?

OpenLDAP 2.4.11