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Re: virtual view strategies: replying differently to different clients

On Fri, 25 Jul 2008, Guillaume Rousse wrote:

First, using a distinct database doesn't allow to provide a virtual view
from a branch in my original database to another branch in the same
database. Meaning, I can't have ou=telephony,dc=myprefix a virtual view
of ou=users,dc=myprefix, I need to use a distinct prefix.

Have you tried declaring the ou=telephony,dc=myprefix back-relay subordinate to dc=myprefix back-$END?

Third, this solution doesn't work currently when trying to sync
the appliance users from ldap. From ldap log, it seems some specific
control is not supported with relay backend:

I think you'd be better served by syncing the real data, and configuring the back-relay/slapo-rwm identically across your slaves so as to give consistent results.