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pwdCheckQuality doesn't work

My checklist:

   1. RTFM slapo-ppolicy: done, 3 times;
   2. check openldap version: 2.4, newly installed on Gentoo Linux;
   3. check ppolicy overlay successfully loaded and being used: must be,
      because operational attribute like pwdFailureTime was maintained;
   4. pwdAttribute setting: correct, value is "userPassword";
   5. pwdCheckQuality: correct, value is 2 (server always check password
   6. pwdMinLength: correct, value is 6, server do not accept password
      short than 6 character;
   7. ppolicy_default: correctly set, because change pwdMaxFailure on
      default entry does have effect;
   8. the entry being operated doesn't have pwdPolicySubentry, so
      default should be applied: correct;
   9. slapd server was restarted after all above check;

Test result: Still doesn't work:

$ldappasswd -vD uid=admin,st=jiangxi,o=LGOP -x -w secret -s 13456 ou=ååå,st=jiangxi,o=LGOP
ldap_initialize( <DEFAULT> )
Result: Success (0)

(expected not successful here because new password was too short)

I am stuck here. Do I miss something on my checklist?