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how to configure multi-master


I feel a little bit spaming this list, but still - how to setup multi-master?
gave me impression that simply adding serverID in global (above database) section, syncrepl and overlay syncprov in database section should give me multi master setup. THis did worked - meaning I got the same data on both servers, but I couldn't make updates to either of servers. Google says absolutely nothing about that. The error is "shadow context; no update referral at ..." Adding updateref directive to conf file seemed to me wrong, because multi master is meant to be multi write nodes setup, so I didn't tried that. After about four hours of searching for any full working example of multi-master implementation I decided to put mirror mode true on both servers at the end of conf file - that did the trick.
So do I need add mirror mode or not? It is not clear the difference of multi-master and mirror mode, which I asked on different message.
I didn't tried setting mirror mode false and see if updates are working, but if this is what I missed, then it is very strange, that official administrators guide is missing such a key point.

Thanks a lot if anybody would explain my mistakes