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explain diff between multimaster and mirror mode

Since English is not my mother tong, can someone explain me what is ment in
by saying "MirrorMode is not what is termed as a Multi-Master solution. This is because writes have to go to one of the mirror nodes at a time"?
Is it that I have always write to the same master? Can I do writes some times to one sometimes to another, but not to both at the same time?
Which way Multi-Mater or Mirror-Mode is easier to recover from broken replication. On Master-Slave I just delete Slave db and restart ldap, this is acceptible for me because there is no much data to replicate.

I'm using Master-Slave replication now, but it seems that it is not good for some reason, which I don't know and can't explain. So trying to find an alternative, but don't want to learn on my own mistakes on production :)