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RE: slapo-unique

I found reason of this error. I should compile openldap with
But it is very strange to get this error instead of "error: overlay unique
is not active".
Thanks to all.

Best Regards,
Alexander Kriventsov

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--On Monday, July 14, 2008 7:50 PM +0400 Alexander Kriventsov 
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> Hello.
> I have some strange issue with unique overlay.
> When I use these directives in slapd.conf
> overlay                unique
> unique_uri     ldap:///"o=company"?uid?sub
> I've been got error
> Starting slapd.
> Assertion failed: (pretty != NULL), function dnPrettyNormal, file dn.c,
> line 724.
> Abort trap

Did you try removing the quote's around your basedn?




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