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Re: configure ACL: allow access until after a period of time?

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> I vaguely recall receiving a similar requirement from a customer.  The
> suggested solution (not implemented, AFAIR, because the requirement
> was dropped) was to implement a "time" dynacl module that simply
> allowed/denied access based on some rule on the current time (it was
> intended to allow/deny access based on wallclock times, but it could
> be easily turned into any kind of condition with respect to current
> time).  I think that's the way to go.
Thanks! However we don't have the resource to get that done because: 

   1. Own team doesn't know how to program in low level language like
      C/C++, only knows about web app, javascript, tcl, php, perl etc.
   2. No resource planned to hire external team.

So maybe, still go for crontab solution. But I guess it's going to be
un-reliable. emmm... problem.. As there are about hundred users whose
access is going to be limited each by a different date, it is some a bit
too much work to do manually.