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incompatible access control between versions

Hi listers

i observed the following:

in openldap version 2.3.39 the following was acceptable:
the access control statements for an ldap-database follow the definition of the database, i.e. in the slapd.conf file (and its includes) you could have the following sequence:

<general section>
<database1 secion>
<access-control section to  database1>
<database2 section>
<access-control section to database2>

in openldap-version 2.4.8-3, however, the above sequence is no longer accepted, all access-controls must be in the general-section:
the access-control, you get in this case, is the default one: "everyone authenticated can read everything", i.e. your access-controls are silently disregarded.
you don't find a hint what's wrong with your access control, neither in the log nor on the error output. only after increasing the debug level to -d255 (-d15 is not sufficient), when starting slapd, you get "warning: ACL appears to be out of scope within backend naming context".

i would rather have liked to see an error "access control error ..." on the error output when starting slapd, and the start failing alltoghether.