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Re: Chaining

Jorge Medina wrote:
I am trying to create a master-slave replication with chaining overlay
enabled in the slave to redirect writes request to the master.

I have it working using ldap:// but I have not been able to configure
the chain overlay using a secure connection ldaps:// (running on port
5636 on the master)

My master server do not require client certificates.,

I added the following lines:

overlay 		chain
chain-uri		"ldaps://masterldap.example.com:5636"
chain-idassert-bind  bindmethod="simple"
chain-return-error   TRUE

But I get "TLS negotiation failure" on the syslog

I am using ldaps:// for replication, but I can't configure it for

"There are very few chain overlay specific directives; however, directives related to the instances of the ldap backend that may be
implicitly instantiated by the overlay may assume a special meaning when used in conjunction with this overlay. They are described
in slapd-ldap(5), and they also need to be prefixed by chain-."

So have a read of man slapd-ldap for the tls statements.

-- Kind Regards,

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