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Last bind timestamp?

At the university we have massive account creep.  Alumni keep their
accounts and terminated employees would never do anything bad so I
generally don't get informed when the leave, drop outs aren't even
tracked so who knows...  Right now I estimate about 700 accounts that
should not even exist.  That being said, I would like to reclaim some
sanity in my account system.  For political reasons I can only ask for
one account to be checked for validity at a time... could take a few
years to filter through them all.... Thus was a plan hatched....

If there was a way I could store the timestamp of the last successful
bind by this user in their entry (similarly to lastmod or create date)
then after a year or three anyone who has no entry would be a candidate
for further investigation....

Is there a way to make openldap store this data for me?  Or must I write
some C for an overlay (direct integration into the bind code seems a bad
idea since if you don't need this why let it slow you down, and my C is
more than a bit rough around the edges)?


OpenLDAP 2.4.10 on Linux for what it is worth.