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syncprov and translucent

As one might expect, mixing the translucent and syncprov overlays together on top of the same bdb database doesn't work. Because translucent uses back-ldap, lastmod is being set to off, while syncprov needs it to be on in order to function.

I wonder if it might be possible to change the behavior of back-ldap to allow lastmod again? In my case, I only care about replicating changes that are stored in the local bdb database by the translucent overlay, and I never send updates back to the target ldap server.

I suppose I could come up with something where I slapcat, then let the slaves pick up the ldif and see if it's different from the last time. If it is, shutdown slapd, delete the database files, slapadd, start slapd.

I really want to avoid doing that though, since I consider that a hack and a half.

Thoughts? Is enabling lastmod for back-ldap just a matter of commenting out some lines?