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Re: slapd replication (push based)

> Yes, it's really messy.

Thanks, I know.

> actually my desperate need for this made me overcome my laziness.
> i compiled the slapd from source, run the tests, immediately after the
> test045 copied the slapd.1. ...slapd.3.conf files. this made me
> understand what is really going on there.
> my understanding is that i need to run two instances of slapd on master
> (master + proxy) proxy is pulling down changes from master and stores
> them in it's backend (ldap backend pointing to slave server) all the
> rest is question of acl's.
> can you correct me please, if i'm wrong.
> trying to implement it right now.

You can do it in one slapd configuration/instance.

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Gavin Henry.
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