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Re: ppolicy by group

Jeroen van Aart wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:

Read the manpage yourself, it's all explained there already.

Thanks for the advice. I did that already and upon closer re-reading indeed it answers some of my questions:


This attribute refers directly to the pwdPolicy subentry that is to be used for this particular directory user. If pwdPolicySubentry exists, it must contain the DN of a valid pwdPolicy object. If it does not exist, the ppolicy module will enforce the default password policy rules on the user associated with this authenticating DN. If there is no default, or the referenced subentry does not exist, then no policy rules will be enforced."

However I have been unable to verify that if I reconfigure slapd to use ppolicy then its current functionality will not be influenced? I assume that is the case given the above quote. But it'd be nice to have it confirmed.

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If you don't have a default ppolicy defined and no pwdPolicySubentry then slapd will perform as it is currently configured.

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