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Re: use dynlist for company name? A second question of practical use of dynlist

Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> I am setting up a business directory of contact persons and companies. I
> have this structure in mind:
> ou=companies,dc=demo
>     cn=company1, ou=companies,dc=demo
>     o: Company Name 1
>     ...
>     cn=company2, ou=companies,dc=demo
>     o: Company Name 2
>     ...
> ou=persons,dc=demo
>     uid=user1,ou=persons,dc=demo
>         cn: John Brown
>         company: cn=company1, ou=companies,dc=demo
>         o: Company Name 1
>         ...
>     uid=user2,ou=persons,dc=demo
>         cn: Jason Brown
>         company: cn=company2, ou=companies,dc=demo
>         o: Company Name 2
>         ...
> My problem: if a company updates its name, it has to be updated in 2
> places: the company record, and the person record. If company name
> change is only updated in ou=company1, the search for "finds all people
> working in ABC Co.ltd" would not work as expected.
> Updating company names in 2 places causes 2 problems: 1: more work; 2:
> potentially the two doesn't match, then we have to align the records.
> I wish to use dynlist for o attribute for the entries in ou=persons. But
> that means dynlist is used in thousands of records. Is this a proper
> practical use of dynlist?
This would not work because it seems search would not found an entry
with attributes expended by dynlist. dynlist seems to work when the
search is finished but not before.

back to the case mentioned in slapo-dynlist manual, if a search finds
"cn=Dynamic List,ou=Groups,dc=example,dc=com"
by using cn=*, and ask to return mail attributes, dynlist works.

if a search look for a particular email address, it would not return
"cn=Dynamic List,ou=Groups,dc=example,dc=com"
as one of the search results.

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