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Re: Fw: Referral - not chased - working as designed?

Brad T Waldorf wrote:

I'm wondering what the "normal" function of a referral is supposed to be. I (probably mistakenly) assumed that a referral is a way to specify a server (say server B) to which your search request is forwarded (from server A) if the search criteria isn't matched on server A.... And the data is then searched for on server B and returned to server A. (In slapd.conf on server A, i have a referral value of server B.)

Normally the LDAP client has to chase the referral. You can achieve the behaviour you described above by installing/configuring slapo-chain on server A.

Well, right... but isn't server A supposed to do the chasing?

Not in general.

 Or is the
referral simply a value that's passed back to server A, and not chased?

It's value (LDAP URL) which server A returns to the client if not configured otherwise (by slapo-chain).

(And you should use the "ldap" backend if you want your referalls chased?)

No. You should use the chain overlay (slapo-chain).

Ciao, Michael.